About Us

About Us

We are a family run business with vast years of experience in providing care services. Our main objective is to provide high quality and person centered care services for people in their own homes. We pride ourselves in ensuring your health, well being and promoting your independence.

Aims and Objectives

It is the aim of 3BN CARE LTD   to deliver a service of personal care and associated domestic services to meet the needs of each  service user in their own home. This will be achieved by promoting a standard of excellence which embraces fundamental principles of Good Care  and that is witnessed and evaluated through the monitoring of care practices.

3BN CARE LTD will support Adults ages 18 to 65+, children and young people aged between 4 and 17.

We will support adults, children and young people in the community following an assessment, which will address presenting problems, identifying needs and their suitability for support.

We will support children living in their homes and Looked After Children and young people aged between four and seventeen years of either gender for short, medium or long term placements.

This includes children and young people who are:

  • suffering with low self-esteem or lack confidence
  • emotionally or behaviourally challenged with associated mental health problems or learning difficulties/autism
  • the victims of abuse or domestic abuse
  • sibling groups
  • children at risk of CSE
  • children at risk of going missing
  • unaccompanied minors

To meet these care needs the Care Service is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To deliver a service of the highest quality that will improve and sustain the service user overall quality of life. In this respect 3BN CARE LTD policies and procedures  are aimed to meet and exceed the standards set in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 regulated activities 2010.
  • To ensure that the service is delivered flexibly,attentively and in a non-discriminatory fashion while respecting each citizen’s right to independence, privacy, dignity, fulfilment, and the rights to make informed choices and to take risks.
  • To ensure that each service user needs and values are respected in matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin, sexuality and sexual orientation, political affiliation, marital status, parenthood and disabilities or impairments.
  • To ensure that the Care Service in whole is delivered in accordance with agreed Purchasing Contracts / Care Agreements.
  • Manage and implement a  programme of staff planning, selection, recruitment, training and personal development to enable service user care needs to be met.
  • To Safeguard service users  and protect them from the risk of harm or abuse.
  • To fully adhere to all local authority, regulatory and local guidance on safeguarding.
  • To match the nominated Care Worker as closely as possible with the service user , and respect the need to change the Care Worker in any eventuality.
  • To manage the Care Service efficiently and effectively to make best use of resources and to maximise value for money for the Purchaser of the Service.
  • To actively encourage each  service user  to be actively involved in the planning of care delivery and to actively voice their opinion with regards to risk taking to ensure care is delivered in line with service user’s wishes.
  • Ensure that equipment used in the delivery of our services is fit for purpose, safely operated, and used in a way that promotes dignity and independence
  • To undertake a Risk Assessment of environment, Health & Safety hazards and form a detailed care plan including risks to health  within the home of each service user  before and after commencing the service.
  • To monitor the quality of care delivery and act promptly.
  • Alleviate loneliness and isolation by encouraging those who we support to engage with family and friends, and to participate in social inclusion within their community
  • To have access to an interpreter or interpreting/signing service if required
  • Ensure that Customers are aware of how to make a complaint and feel comfortable using the complaints procedure
  • Ensure that any complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • Have risk based contingency plans to ensure continuity of service

We will endeavour  to secure care visits of one-hour-minimum which allows the service to be flexible to the daily changing needs of clients and ensures that a much more varied and stimulating set of activities can be achieved within the client’s home or by going out.

Our services include:

All personal care tasks, to include 24 hours if there is an assessed need.

  • Live-in duties
  • Companionship
  • Light domestic chores
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Assistance
  • Palliative Care
  • Respite care
  • Shopping
  • Escorts holidays and medical appointments
  • Support  with errands  and Escorts to attend meaningful activities
  • Sleep-in and Night Duty Care
  • Repositioning Calls

We can provide you with a wide range of services for you and your loved ones. Get in touch with us today to find out more.